Working at Stellar is not a job, it is a purpose of building a Stellar India


A Stellar India

Stellar aims to bring India into the top five in the Global Logistics Performance Index, thereby unlocking huge value for the Indian economy through ‘Value Chain Transformation’.


We will unlock value for businesses in India in the consumption space across supply chain as well as demand chain -

  • by working towards nation building and transforming the supply chain landscape of India. We will continuously challenge the status quo and bring in disruptive changes through infrastructure, technology and automation, processes and competency
  • through zero tolerance to mediocrity. We believe that tolerance for mediocrity is hindering India from taking the global stage effectively. We will consider mediocrity in all forms as our enemy and destroy it
  • by working with likeminded customer companies, partners and employees; we will realise our vision of an India at the top of global rankings.
Culture Vision