Our company DNA defines and guides us on our thoughts, actions, achievements and growth


Nation First

Stellar was created to serve the nation. We aim to unlock value in the Indian economy through modernising the supply chain of the nation. Supply chain in India is largely an under-developed sector and has still not been able to unlock the potential needed for the economic growth of India. It currently stands at the 44th position in the Global LPI. We have made it our ambition to take our nation to the top 5.

Think Big

We can change the nation's supply chain landscape only by thinking big. We are thinking big, whether it is through enabling unprecedented infrastructure building, through technology revolution or by thinking and implementing innovative value transformation solutions.

Warrior Spirit

We imbibe the warrior spirit in our daily lives. It means that we will face conflicts and move towards a quick and strategic conclusion to conflict. It also means that we are disciplined and focused and deeply committed to our vision.

Power of Right

We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. We believe in compliance with the law and ensure that all our stakeholders too are compliant. We will always do what is right even in the most difficult situations. We do not believe in taking short-cuts.

Collaborative Relationships and Teamwork

Teamwork can make dreams work. We in the business of supply chain orchestration. It can be achieved only through a collaborative approach with all our stakeholders, through teamwork and our collective potential. There is no individual glory, no individual win and no individual defeat.

Urgency and Speed

Speed matters the most in our business. The world is evolving rapidly and the faster we learn, the faster we will evolve. We will think fast, move fast, fail fast and succeed fast. We have set big targets for the next five years which necessitates urgency in our actions.

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