Pharma – Secure Your Health

Customer Objective
Pharmaceutical companies manufacture products such as vaccines, injections, life-saving drugs etc. which are required to be transported and stored in controlled temperature (chilled and frozen).

In the absence of proper cold chain solutions, these were being shipped in dry-ice boxes. Customers were concerned about vehicle break-down as their products require very strict temperature control. Additionally, there was resistance to change because of concerns on cost and viability.

Our Solution
Kelvin Cold Chain proved to industry skeptics that not only was it cost efficient to use reefer trucks but also extremely effective in securing the quality of the product. Our pioneering work since 2008 in this sector has resulted in a large portfolio of blue chip multinational clients utilizing our services. Temperature monitoring and data logging are provided for all vehicles in this business vertical. Additionally, advanced GPS monitoring provides for prompt resolution of potential problems has addressed customer concerns. The refrigeration unit is also run independent of the vehicle transport mechanisms.