Pharma, Healthcare & Medical Devices

Time and temperature critical supply chain solutions

Our expertise in warehousing and distribution capabilities in both, ambient and temperature-controlled, as well as compliances and product handling ensures that customers get seamless service across the supply chain.


Expertise in providing solutions and operations to improve efficiency, throughput, inventory accuracy and overall productivity thereby reducing costs.

Integrated ambient and cold warehousing and transportation capabilities, coupled with customised solution design, makes us a one-stop shop for all your requirements and more from a 3PL .

Stellar Advantages

  • End to end batch tracking, expiry management, MRP control and complete product traceability.
  • Customised & optimal storage facilities for Pharmaceutical & Non-Pharmaceutical products across the supply chain
  • Best-in-Class IT systems and WMS for accuracy, inventory management, product recall and shelf-life managements
  • Ability to manage omni channel fulfillment
  • Increase in velocity, improvements in reliability and accuracy in traceability helps our customers reduce overall supply chain cost.
  • With the acquisition of Kelvin Cold Chain, we offer temperature controlled services with capability of multi temperature storage solutions and transport solutions for primary and secondary movement at temperatures ranging from -20 deg Celsius to + 25 deg Celsius.

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