Enablers in your transformational journey

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector has been the most positively impacted by implementation of GST. Major transformations are happening with new operating models and technologies driving the change. GST is also making companies relook at their network design to achieve better consolidation and therefore greater efficiencies without compromising on fill rates.


Fill rates remains the most challenging supply chain issue with this industry due to the complex distribution network. Modern Retail and E-Commerce has also brought about a huge change in this sector and is compelling FMCG brands to relook at their traditional models of distribution.

Stellar Advantages

  • Cross docking and fast flow for time critical SKUs
  • Value added services which include kitting, bundling and promo-packs
  • Comprehensive and integrated services include ambient, cold chain storage and transportation
  • Distribution Centres are integrated with intra and inter city transportation services
  • Managing end-to-end – from manufacturer to last mile

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