• Nation Before Self: Our vision is to catapult India into the top five of the global logistics performance index. Nothing less will do. To accomplish this ardent task, we need to transform the supply chain landscape of the country and build a Stellar India.
  • Teamwork & Selflessness: We run and rise as a team. There is no individual glory, no individual win and no individual defeat. We firmly believe that individual’s interests should be subservient to Organization’s interests. Stellar comes first!
  • Integrity & Righteousness: Integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness of one's thoughts, words and actions. We value authenticity in our behaviour and our dealings. We also believe there is no right way of doing something wrong!
  • Respect & Humility: We respect every individual in our team, irrespective of the organisation hierarchy. Humility enhances the respect you earn.
  • Responsibility & Accountability:We love hand raisers, we hate finger pointers. Don’t pass your responsibility to others, don’t delegate upward. Take ownership, be responsible and accountable.
  • Productivity & Execution:Time management is the essence of our business. We do not believe in profligacy. Our constant focus shall remain on improving individual, resource and system productivity.